Gypsy Wagon

Our new gypsy wagon model, with an outdoor kitchen. Rent it today!

This is just one of our custom campers and tiny houses. For more information about this model, or to discuss building your own custom gypsy wagon, contact Trekker Trailers owner and builder Andrew Bennett: 352-409-4005 or

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Gypsy Pricing

$6,900 Shell Only includes:

  • 2×3″ tube steel 3,500lb rated trailer frame with 15″ wheels.
  • Complete wood structure built and sealed with 2 part marine epoxy and primed for paint.
  • Interior will be bare finish grade plywood with tongue and groove pine ceiling.
  • Door opening will be cut out and the cut out piece that can be used as the door will be provided (does not include door frame or hardware.
  • No windows will be cut out.
  • Cabin will be mounted to trailer and ready for transport.
  • Roof will be dried in with a peal and stick water seal and will be weather resistant for 3 months to give plenty of time for you to install your preferred roofing.


  • $250 Install basic 120V electrical with up to 4 outlets and a 15 amp shore power input point.
  • $800 Install 12V system with 2 interior lights, 1 exterior light, 1 deep cycle marine battery, 1-12v power point, and 15W solar panel battery charging system.
  • $225 Matching spare tire mounted on front.
  • $1,200 Install high grade silver galvalume metal roof.
  • $395 Install 6000 btu AC unit.
  • $300 Build and install plywood door.
  • $700 Build and install tongue and groove cypress door and seal with marine epoxy ( Will still need a finish coat to maintain the look of the wood).
  • Windows installed $145 each for 18″x15″ crank out awning style.
  • $1,700 Outdoor kitchen area with 120V AC 3.2 qf fridge, microwave installed and a fold down counter prep area.
  • $500 galvanized wash tub with propane instant water heater and faucet mounted on front of trailer.
  • $850 indoor kitchen area with 3′ counter, GFCI outlets, lower cabinets, upper cabinets and/or shelves, small sink with faucet and plumbing inlet and drain.
  • $800 Exterior trimmed out in cypress on corners, around windows and vertical battin strips every 16″ – 20″ depending on window placement. Also Horizontal cypress trim as needed along length of body and ends. All trim sealed in 2 part marine epoxy.
  • $1,000 Paint and varnish: exterior walls painted with high grade house paint and all cypress trim coated with beautiful high grade marine gloss varnish. Also includes marine varnish or painting of the door.
  • $500 Interior wood clear low VOC varnish. Completely seals interior wood in it’s natural color in satin luster. 3 coats sprayed and sanded between layers.
  • $375 Install rugged vinyl flooring of your choice from Home Depot in stock selection. Under $3.00 sf range.
  • $50 each-Interior cypress window frames installed.
  • $500 Queen or full size bed platform across front as in our rentals. $450 for twin or single size. (Mattress sold separately) Includes compartments under platform above step out for storage.
  • $50 each Curtains. Snap on each corner for easy and durable use. Fabric can be picked at JoAnns Fabrics or sent to us.
  • $450 each vending window.
  • $195 Mounted Spare wheel.


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