Gypsy Rental partnership/Franchise

Gypsy Wagon camper lease for purposes of retail short term rentals:

  • $1,000 start up that includes your first months payment of $300 per month.
  • Lease is for a 3 year term with direct deposit.
  • At the end of 3 years you have the option of
    1. Turning in your unit and ending the partnership.
    2. Trading out your unit for a new or reconditioned one at no extra cost and renewing your lease
    3. keeping your unit and renewing your lease. (The advantage of keeping the one you have is in the sending back the old one and picking up the new one logistics)


We use and  they handle booking, taxes, deposits etc…

As of now we don’t require insurance but you are responsible for the unit. The rental sites can be set up to require the renter to get the insurance per use. 

No. Some, such as have there own as well as third party. Just make sure you combine calendars.

We are willing to apply regional exclusivity for a minimum number of units. The number will depend on the location. We could probably say that you would get first right of refusal if someone else request a unit in your area.