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The Simple Sleeper Teardrop

  • Simple Sleeper Teardrop Camper

    Simple Sleeper Teardrop Camper

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The Simple Sleeper is an ultra-light-weight camper that can be pulled by small cars. It’s also great for hunting.

With room for two and some cargo, you can hit the road or the woods comfortably and economically. These comes with A/C to keep you cool in the summer heat. This is now designed with a DROP DOWN floor that expands the interior space and makes the folded back bed a couch! Continue reading…

Adam’s Cabin

  • Adams Cabin - Finished Model

    Adams Cabin - Finished Model

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The Adam’s Cabin is our largest camper at 10ft long, 5ft wide, and 5ft tall. There is plenty of room to move in this teardrop camper, especially with our new drop-down floor! Our new pull-down bed/couch design allows you to sit at a small table (included) with enough room for a chair or two! The design also includes a large storage area. Continue reading…

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