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Emily’s “Tiny Mansion”

  • Emily's Tiny Mansion

    Emily's Tiny Mansion

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We built Emily a customized 24-foot tiny house shell, based on our full house model, in just over a month, and she and her boyfriend Clark spent another 4 months finishing the inside to make it their dream home. This tiny house is BIG. Check out the 54″ bathtub, washer and dryer, and a 6-foot balcony that could be screened or walled in later. The 50-inch-high master loft is big enough for a king size bed!

This is just one of our highly customized tiny houses. For more information about this model, or to discuss building your own custom tiny house, contact Trekker Trailers owner and builder Andrew Bennett: 352-409-4005 or

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FOR SALE! Harp House

  • Harp House

    Harp House

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This custom build is based on our cute lime green tiny house, but 1 foot longer and 1 foot taller. It also features a larger kitchen sink, closet, and a Nature’s Head composting toilet instead of an RV toilet. The extra foot allows for storage above the bed and the bathroom.

FOR SALE! $19,900

Call Andrew Bennett at 352-409-4005

Take a look inside:

VIDEO: Emily’s “Tiny Mansion”

Here’s a video of our latest tiny house project, Emily’s 24-foot “Tiny Mansion.” Emily worked with us on a custom designed shell that would accommodate a bathtub, washer, dryer and her piano. We even added a 6′ porch. She and her boyfriend finished the inside themselves. Check out the finished product!

Check out pictures from the build and more on Emily’s Facebook page, Emily’s Tiny Adventure.

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